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Newborn Photographer in Valley Village

As a newborn photographer in Los Angeles, I LOVE in-home Newborn Lifestyle sessions. We are able to get so many great images of your baby, but also those super cute family interactions (including siblings!) in an organic setting – your home.

This is where you brought your newborn home for the first time, and this when time starts going by at warp speed. I love freezing these moments for you.

Newborn pictures with siblings

Alma reached out to me, searching for a newborn photographer. She was interested in a lifestyle session with the entire family. Her biggest priority was to get some cute pictures of her older son Zair, and her newborn son Diyan.

What to wear

One of my most popular questions I get, is what should we wear? I always tell parents to be themselves – we want to capture your family as YOU. If yo are really stuck and not sure what to do, go with a light, solid neutral. Stay away from neon or anything with logos and words. I sent mom my simple stress free prep guide, and planned to come over in the morning.

Benefits to booking an in-home lifestyle session for your newborn pictures

They are the sweetest family! And their house looked absolutely perfect.

One of the benefits to booking an in-home lifestyle session, is how comfortable everyone in the family feels in their own space, especially toddlers. Because older brother Zair was in his own house, he was able to warm up to taking pictures quickly.

And Zair is the cutest older brother. He was so excited to hang out and be involved! When we needed him to point out the baby’s nose, he was very helpful, and overall happy and curious about everything. When I suddenly came down with a case of “The Fake Sneezes” he was full of giggles.

We started the session in their living room, headed up to the nursery, master bedroom, and finished in the sun room. I wanted to get a ton with the boys, and then make sure to get some with just Diyan and his mom, just Diyan and his dad, and Diyan by himself.

Diyan is so loved by his mom, his dad, and his older brother. I absolutely loved meeting this family!

The pictures

Below are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

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