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I love twins newborn pictures in Los Angeles. This session is one of my absolute favorites! I loved everything about it.

The session

Abbey is another photographer, and I can’t tell you how flattered I am that she contacted me to do her twins newborn pictures! Initially, we were set to do an in-home newborn lifestyle session (one of my favorite kind of sessions). She is so nice and I was already looking forward to it. Closer to her due date, she contacted me to see if I could accommodate a Fresh 48 session, instead. It just so happened that our schedules aligned perfectly, and I was able to make it work on Mother’s Day. I think Fresh 48 sessions are absolutely adorable (how could you not want to hold on to those memories?), and I was excited to do a session with twins.

But wait, it gets better.

I was photographing identical twins,
on Mother’s Day,
born to TWO MOMS!

Fresh 48

There’s something so new and intimate about Fresh 48 sessions that make me feel outright privileged to be there. I got there in the afternoon, met up with Abbey and her wife Alexis, and immediately felt how excited these two were to welcome their twins into the world. Their hospital ran out of rooms on the maternity floor, so they had a big labor and delivery room all to themselves. It was a long, narrow room. But it had a floor to ceiling window! I found the best spots to utilize the natural light, and got to work.

And omigosh, these twins!!! So cute!

Twins newborn session in Los Angeles

For twins, I make sure to get the same amount of pictures, and the same general poses, for each. I don’t want them to grow up and one have more pictures than the other! 🙂 I have a certain workflow I follow, to make sure everything is covered.

Charlie and Louie are the sweetest, and their moms brought the cutest swaddles and hats for them to be photographed in. Both moms were so chill, having so much fun, and so in love with their boys.

Our session lasted just an hour (I like to be efficient with twins, especially in a hospital setting!). I had fun chatting with Abbey and Alexis (love hearing stories about how people meet!), got all my shots in with the twins, and before I knew it, I was done. Perfect timing! – as I was wrapping up our session, they had more visitors.

Love is Love

Originally, I had plans to blog about our session in June, for pride month. But, I got busy (with more totally awesome clients and their newborns!).

And I don’t want pride month to dictate when I post about two awesome moms,
with two adorable babies,
who make up a perfect family.

Because #LoveisLove, 365 days of the year.

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