I'm a Chicago girl, now living in Los Angeles. Graduated from University of Missouri (Go Tigers!), I took a small detour, living in Madison, WI right after college, before heading back to Chicago and then finally making my way to Southern California :)

I love Dunkin Donuts coffee, pretend to like the gym, and love curling up on the couch with my dog. I can't decide if my favorite color is dark blue or light pink, but I definitely know I love red wine.

My high school had a wonderful art program, where I was introduced to photography. Properly developing film and processing photographs in a dark room was how I first learned. I've always loved it, and now feel so fortunate to document so many moments for people.

I'm detailed oriented and committed to making you feel comfortable during your session. I want you to have fun! Let's chat about your vision, and make it happen. I'm here to help with all of your questions about wardrobe, session details, and what to expect.

I'm talkative, outgoing, and so excited to meet you!

First Concert

Farthest place I've Traveled

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3 and counting!

I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia. Amazing place. Longest plane ride, ever.

Neil Diamond, in the 4th Grade (I was not cool) (I'm still a huge dork, but now have no problem admitting I love Neil Diamond).

On-air radio DJ for 2 years! So much fun. I was a nobody, though - had the Sunday night shift part time, but I loved it.

27 and counting!

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