What is a Personal Branding Photography Session? | Los Angeles Personal Branding Photographer

I know what you’re thinking – “What is a Branding Session, how is this any different from headshots, and do I really need this? I keep hearing this term tossed around, but I’m confused at the difference.”

Well…either that, or you’re thinking “So, just when are we going to grab that glass of wine we keep talking about?”

Name the date and time, and the first round’s on me. Until then, let’s chat about your first question.

What is a Branding Photography Session? Who benefits from booking this type of session?

Simply put, if you are an entrepreneur, business owner, have an online presence or “brand” online, you would benefit from this type of session.

Say you’re a business owner in Los Angeles, or Sherman Oaks, and have an amazing website. Maybe you do calligraphy and lettering. Maybe you’re a life coach, or you are in a band. Or own a marketing company, make purses, or create bow ties for dogs. Whatever your thing is, you’ve poured your heart and soul into your business, your website, and your brand.

But, when it comes to that “about me” page, you’re stuck. The picture you’ve got up on your LinkedIn profile isn’t going to cut it for your own business. It just doesn’t show your true self. You want your potential clients to get to know your personality, so you can connect with them. You want them to get to know you…and you are faced with the challenge of conveying that all through a computer screen.

What better way to do all of that, than through photography?

How does it work?

When we schedule a branding session, I ask about you and your business. I want to know about you, what you do, and what makes it awesome. What kind of feeling do you want to portray? Do you want to look powerful? Funny? Light and happy? And then I want to capture it for you and deliver images that tell your story.

If you often work out of a coffee shop, let’s hang out there – I’m always up for a good cup of coffee. Work out of your home? I’ll pop over – let’s get shots of you doing your thing! I’ll be there to assist with wardrobe questions, and make sure we take advantage of the best lighting and space, wherever we go. You can take advantage of multiple wardrobe changes, so we get a variety of images you can use.

Below are examples of a branding session I did for a fellow photographer friend. We hung out in a local coffee shop, the type of place she usually works in, and had a ton of fun! This is where she’s most comfortable, and the relaxed vibe she wanted to portray.

Ok, I’m in! What are the next steps?

If you need help telling your own personal story to your potential clients, drop me a line – I’d love to collaborate with you!

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