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Studio City Newborn Lifestyle Session

This family is SO SWEET!

Nicole contacted me, inquiring about a Newborn Lifestyle Session in Studio City. She and her husband Nathan were expecting soon, and she wondered how many days old her daughter needed to be. Since lifestyle sessions don’t involve poses, I let her know we can be a little bit more relaxed with a time-frame, and could hold a main and backup date for our session. I helped answer some more of her questions, and we were set!

Welcome Frankie!

I just so happened to follow up with Nicole the very day her daughter was born. Everyone was happy, healthy, and over the moon!

We confirmed I’d be stopping out that week, she let me know a few different images she hoped I’d capture, and we were set.

Why in-home sessions are often more relaxing

“Calm and centered” is how I felt at their place. Nicole and Nathan had a light filled, plant filled, and love filled apartment. The light coming in was a photographer’s dream! And they offered me LaCroix, which is my favorite, so I was happy all around 🙂 I found out they had an in-home water birth, under a large plant named Fiona. I made a mental note, so we could capture images under the tree, knowing how significant it was to their story.

The thing I love most about in-home sessions, is new moms and dads only have to worry about getting ready, and don’t have to rush out of the house with a ton of supplies, and worry about driving and parking and arriving somewhere on time with a newborn. Plus, when you’re in your own home, it’s just so much more comfortable and relaxing!

Frankie was so chill and at first so wide awake! But once she was wrapped, and after taking a break to eat, she fell asleep. She was a dream, the entire time. We got so many shots of her with mom, dad, and them as a family, before grabbing a few unwrapped ones of her.

What to wear?

One of my most asked questions is what to wear. I tell parents to be comfortable, and be “you.” Light, solid colors traditionally work best. And it’s best to avoid neon, or anything with words and logos.

This was one of my favorite sessions and I feel so lucky to have met this awesome family! They are out in Seattle now, and I love seeing their updates on Instagram. Below are some of my favorite images from our session.

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