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One of the things I love about headshot and portrait sessions, is how easy they are to schedule around your day. I always talk about how important it is to update your pictures every year, two years max, so your online presence is current. Since it’s just you, and your schedule to work around, it’s so easy to get it done. And, of course, I’d love to be your next Los Angeles headshot photographer.

The Location

I was back in my hometown from Marissa’s session. She wanted an urban setting with a city feel to it, so we picked a spot and headed outside.

The Weather

It was drizzling, but we decided to go ahead with the session – and I’m so glad we did! Armed with an umbrella and an open mind, we started. With the drizzling weather, there were very few people to work around, and her bright red vest really popped! The rain came and went throughout the session, and we just went with the flow.

The Timing

Headshot sessions are traditionally right around 30-45 minutes, but we managed to finish in under half an hour, which left her plenty of time back in her day.

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